Iconic Artist and Unbelievable Vocal Talent, Res!

Entertainment scoop.com Caught Up With Javotti Artist Res this week, check out the ENTIRE article Here


“Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Res is a young and beautiful inspirational artist that continues to rise and rise to higher stardom. With her solo debut album, How I Do, and her second album, Black Girls Rock, Res is continuing to prove herself in the music industry. But it doesn’t stop there! In 2008, Res got together with showstopper Talib Kweli, and together, they formed the duo group Idle Worship. The pair has continued to push the envelope on good music. Recently, Res headed back into the studio to release her EP earlier this month. Her EP is entitled Refried Mac and it consists of a  collection of Fleetwood Mac songs twisted and turned into her own original and creative way, along with the help of iconic producer, Tom Spiker.

Recently, we had the privilege to talk with Res about her musical beginnings, her current projects, as well as what’s in store for her unstoppable future!”